What to Expect During Your Intake Appointment

You will need to explain your financial assistance situation and brainstorm possible long-term solutions.  You should be prepared to discuss issues such as monthly income and expenses and alternate housing options.
You and a Stepping Stones Board Member will review your application.  They will also make a copy of your photo ID and eviction/shut-off notice.
If it is determined Stepping Stones can help your situation, the board member will call your utility company or landlord to verify the amount of money owed.
If you qualify for assistance, a check will be made out to the landlord or utility company.
Please keep in mind Stepping Stones is able to help clients through a difficult temporary situation.  If a client's problem is more long-term, then Stepping Stones may not be able to assist.  In those cases, referrals would be made to other agencies better suited to assist the situation.

If you have any questions prior to scheduling your appointment, please email us at windsorsteppingstones04@gmail.com

Who Qualifies?
Persons applying for financial assistance must:

  • Be a resident of the Windsor/Severance RE-4 School District (district map)
  • Have written verification of at least one of the following
    • Eviction from a private dwelling (Eviction Notice)
    • Utility shut-off Notice
    • Proof of Security Deposit(s) paid, if requesting first month's rent

Next Step

  • Schedule your appointment by calling 970-686-2368.  Please leave a message OR complete our Inquiry Form.
  • A Stepping Stones Board Member will call you within 24/48 hours to schedule an intake appointment. We will meet with you during office hours, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-3pm.
  • For your intake appointment, you will need to bring your government-issued photo ID, itemized utility bill and shutoff/disconnect notice, and/or your eviction notice.  You will complete an application on-site.

How often can I apply?
Resources are limited.  Clients are awarded a dollar amount at their first visit following guidelines for rental and/or utility assistance based on a calendar year.

How Much Can I Receive?
We provide resources ranging from $700 up to $800 based on the number of family members impacted, review of the eviction/utility shut-off notice, and the family's ability to meet overall needs based on SSW guidelines.

What Services are Available?
Some type of assistance can be provided in the following situations when guidelines are met.

  • Eviction prevention
  • Utility shut-off prevention
  • First month's rent

Times Have Been Tough Through COVID

I wanted to take a moment to reach out and express my gratitude for helping my family with our Xcel bill, as times have been tough through COVID. Thank you for your prayers, for meeting with me, and for all you do to support families - especially those of us who make "too much," but "not enough." Your generosity helped us, and one day, I hope that I find myself in a position to pay it forward. My sincere gratitude to you and all of those who make Stepping Stones happen!

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