donate today to Stepping Stones of Windsor

Donate Today to Stepping Stones of Windsor

Tell friends and neighbors about our services.  Even though we have been around since 2004, there are still people that do not know we are here to help.

  • Attend Soup Luncheons
  • Investigate Employer Matching Donations
  • Memorial Donations in memory of loved ones
  • Donate merchandise for Silent Auctions at Soup Events
  • Tax Deductible Donations to SSW (a 501(c)3 corporation) to help ensure our ability to assist the clients that some to us for help
  • Become a Board Member: Requires attending a once monthly meeting, assisting with intakes (if possible), help with fundraising, and promoting community awareness

2019 Statistics

A total of 273 individuals within 43 households were helped with rent or utilities. By the Numbers: Rent Paid $25, 619 to 43 households Utilities Paid $16,382 to 41 households Thank you to the community for supporting our fundraising soup lunches and to local businesses, churches, community members and the Town of Windsor. Your support is greatly appreciated. Over 98% of funds received are allocated to our clients.

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